Perfect Lights FAQs


How often can I highlight my hair before I do damage?

We recommend you highlight approx. every six weeks.

Do I need to wear the gloves when applying Perfect Lights?

Wear gloves during use and rinse product thoroughly from hair.

Can I use Perfect Lights with color treated hair?

Yes, you will need to leave perfect lights on longer to create highlights in coloured hair. For subtle highlights, leave on for 30 minutes from applying last highlight. For more noticeable highlights, leave on for 45 minutes from applying last highlight.

How long do I leave the product in on red hair?

For subtle highlights, leave on for 15 minutes from applying last highlight. For more noticeable highlights, leave on for 30 minutes from applying last highlight.

Can I use Perfect Lights with chemically treated or straightened hair?

Do not use perfect lights if you hair is overly dry, damaged or brittle

How many times can I swipe the same hair strand? Is there a limit?

You can swipe as many times as you like, but the cocoon measures how much product is applied and after two swipes will not apply any more product.

How can I get the highlight all the way down to the root?

You should be able to get the cocoon all the way to the root by gently pushing it down against the butterfly. If you are still not getting as far as you like, remove the butterfly, being careful to maintain the hair strand, and then push the cocoon down to the root and swipe outwards to the tips.

I washed my highlights out too soon and now I want them lighter, what should I do?

You can put the product back on and leave for longer or put more highlights in different places for a longer time so you will have two colour highlights.

I left my Perfect Lights in too long and the hair is too bright, what should I do?

You can color over the top with a permanent color that will tone them down.

My highlights look yellow/orange/a strange color, what should I do?

You can color over the top with a permanent colour that will tone them down

I color my hair, how long should I wait after coloring my hair to use Perfect Lights?

You can use perfect lights straight after colouring as long on dry hair. Do not use on hair that has been colored with Henna or metal dyes. Do not use on hair that has been double processed -- bleached and then colored.

Can I use Perfect Lights on permed hair?

Do not use on permed, relaxed or extensively damaged hair.

How is Perfect Lights able to work on all hair types when other products seem to be specific to one color?

The product lightens with time so it will create a lightness that works with your hair color.

My hair is blonde/brunette/redhead/African American/Asian, etc. will Perfect lights work for me?

The patented Perfect Lights highlighting crème works on every color and texture of hair. Because it highlights by time and NOT by strength, it is gentler to your hair than many other highlighting products and works on all hair colors. The manual enclosed in your kit has simple instructions as to how long you should use Perfect Lights on your type of hair.

The Highlighting Cr�me bled onto my other hair, my clothes, etc. What should I do?

Wash the lightening cr�me off immediately.

I, my child, etc. drank the highlighting crème, what should I do?

Call a medical professional.

Where should I prepare and use the product?

Prepare and use the product in a well ventilated area, if you experience inhalation difficulties, move to fresh air.

I, my child, etc, spilled some highlighting crème in my eyes, what should I do?

Rinse with large amounts of lukewarm water and call a medical professional.

Should I remove my contacts lenses prior to use?

We recommend removing contact lenses prior to use. If you wear contacts during application and any product gets in your eye, remove contact lens first, flush eye with large amounts of lukewarm water and seek medical advice.

Can I use Perfect Lights on eyebrows or eyelashes?

Never use Perfect Lights on eyebrows or eyelashes, or if your scalp is irritated or injured. Do not apply product directly on scalp.

What do I do if Perfect Lights gets on my skin?

If product comes in contact with skin, wash area immediately with lukewarm water.

Can I re-use the Butterflies or the Cocoon?

The Butterflies and Cocoon are disposable for safety. You should dispose of everything included in your Perfect Lights kit when you are finished highlighting. Each Kit contains everything you need for a single application.

Can I use the Butterflies or Cocoon with other brands of highlighting products?

No. The Patented Perfect Lights system is designed to work only with the specific density, viscosity, and texture of the enclosed highlighting crème.

Can I use Perfect Lights on my child?

The product is not intended for use on children.

What other safety information should I know?

Keep product in a cool area away from heat and light. Do not mix with any other product. Do not keep any unused mixed product. Do not keep mixture in a closed bottle as bottle may expand or burst. Remove all metal objects from the hair prior to use.

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What is Clairol Perfect Lights?

A home highlighting kit.

What is in the Perfect Lights kit?

How do I open the Sachet?

The Sachet is designed to be cut open with scissors.

Why do I need a cap and nozzle?

The cap is for mixing the product and the nozzle is to dispense the product.

Will the powder spill?

The Sachet is designed to open with a spout that fits into the top of the bottle.

How do you mix the product?

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What are the Butterflies for?

They are for marking where you want to apply your highlights.

The butterflies keep falling out, what am I doing wrong?

The butterflies are designed to allow the Perfect amount of hair for a Perfect looking highlight. You are either putting too much or too little hair into each butterfly if it is not holding. Try adding or removing hair.

Why are the Butterflies moving away or popping up from my scalp?

You may be taking too much hair. Try taking a smaller amount of hair.

When do I remove the Butterflies?

Remove the Butterflies either before or during rinsing.

How many Butterflies should I use?

Use as many or as few Butterflies as you like.

Do I have to use the Butterflies?

No. The Butterflies are for helping you pick the right amount of hair. If you are confident you know the right amount of hair for the highlights you want, you do not need to use the Butterflies.

Where do I put the product?

Fill the well in the Cocoon to the denoted fill line.

How do I use the Cocoon?

Fill the Cocoon with product up to the line and then prime by opening and closing a couple times. Close the Cocoon around the hair shaft above the Butterfly. Slide the Cocoon down to the root, then swipe down the rest of the hair length.

What direction do I use the Cocoon?

Length-ways, so that the hair goes through the long side.

Why is the product coming out of the sides of the Cocoon?

You may have put too much product in. Wipe away the excess product from the Cocoon. Remember to prime the cocoon every time you refill.

Why does the Cocoon keep catching my hair?

Try swiping your hair at a slightly different angle.

How do I know when I have applied enough product?

You will see your highlights evenly blue all the way down your hair.

How often do I refill the cocoon?

When you no longer see the blue highlighting crème completely coating each hair strand. Prime Cocoon after every refill.

Will the highlighting crème "bleed" to the rest of my hair?

No. The highlighting crème dries very quickly and it will not bleed to the rest of your hair.

How long do the highlights last?

The highlights are permanent until your hair grows out.

I have highlighting crème left over, what should I do with it?

Safely dispose of any highlighting crème that you have leftover, DO NOT STORE IT, it cannot be re-used and if the contents are left in the bottle they may expand and burst.

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How do I cancel my order?

Just call 1-800-723-9841 to cancel.

How can I order more Perfect Lights?

To order more Perfect Lights, just call 1-800-723-9841.

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What are the ingredients of the Developer and Powder?


Hydrogen peroxide
Salicylic acid
Etidronic acid
Disodium phosphate
Phosphoric acid
Cetearyl alcohol


Ammonium persulfate
Potassium persulfate
Sodium silicate
Carbopol ultrez
Ultramarine blue
Disodium EDTA
Sodium stearate

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